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About Sakura Gakuen

For students whose primary language is Japanese
The Japanese public school system is considered to be one of the finest in the world. Sakura Gakuen programs are based upon Japanese kindergarten and elementary school curriculums. Teachers are all native speakers who have excellent qualifications and experience, and speak only Japanese during these classes. Classes are available for children ages 2 1/2 to 16. They will learn to speak, read, and write Japanese step by step. Students are placed in small groups, according to their individual skill levels, and encouraged to communicate in Japanese at all times. In addition, fun activities and cultural instruction are a part of each class. We also supply each student with the same study materials and stationery that they would use in Japan.

For students whose primary language is not Japanese
We provide a variety of classes for 3 years old to adults who have little or no knowledge of the Japanese language. The teachers for these classes specialize in teaching Japanese as a second language. All grammatical explanations are given in English. Emphasis will be on sentence structure. This will allow the student to easily construct a large variety of useful phrases and expressions. Unlike other conversational Japanese classes, Japanese alphabet (called Hiragana and Katakana) will be introduced to the students. Students will not only be instructed on how to speak Japanese, but also in how to read and write it! Elements of Japanese culture and games will also be introduced to help students gain a better understanding of the language, and have fun while learning.
We are certain that by participating in this natural Japanese environment each week, students will achieve better results in attaining language fluency, and a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture. Whether the student is Japanese, or from another cultural background, they will find their time at Sakura Gakuen to be a rewarding experience which will last a lifetime.

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